About Us

About Us

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Geopeen is a dynamic newly created company which operates in the fields of cosmetology, cosmetics, aromatherapy and preventive medicine. With respect for the environment, a high know-how and a sense of responsibility, Geopeen creates quality products based on the treasures of the earth, which make human life better. The company has a private area of 16.000 square meters in the 17th kilometer of Old National Road between Kavala and Ksanthi and an office-workshop in the city center.

” Geopeen has a quality control certification ISO 22716 (standard GMP for guidance and administration of the facts that effect the production of cosmetic products and their quality), approval from the National Organization for Medicines(EOF), GREEN CONTROL GR-BIO-07 (Verification and Notification of Organic Products) and acknowledgment on CPNP (Cosmetics Products Notification Portal).

Our goal is to enhance the rich flora of the Greek nature through cultivation of herbs and aromatic plants and production of respective products with the sun protection, antioxidant and energy properties, which respond to the needs of people today for invigoration, well-being, relaxation, hydration, anti-ageing and regeneration.

With faith and devotion in our vision, we build honest relationships, we embrace the tendencies of the market and we target in the import of innovating ideas in all of our actions, in the expand of our network and in the successful communication.

For any information please don’t hesitate to contact with us.