• Basil handmade natural soap

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    In the ancient times it was used after an insect, scorpion or snake bite. The Romans considered it as love potion, sign of love and amulet. Alexander the Great brought it to Greece when he was returning from India, when amongst others he brought the plant of the king(basil= king in Greek).

  • Blue Chamomile – Handmade natural soap

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     The natural soap Blue Chamomile cleans the pores and rejuvenates the cells, giving in face and body, fresh and renewed skin.

  • Cinnamon & Orange Soap

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    Geopeen’s Cinnamon-orange soap, with basis the extra virgin olive oil, combines the magnificent scent of cinnamon and orange with their antibacterial, antidepressant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Lavender – Handmade natural soap

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    A hot bath with Geopeen’s Lavender soap promises a deep and restful sleep. It relaxes the body and spirit, relieves stress and tension and at the same time offers protection in the skin.

  • Rosemary – Handmade natural soap

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    It is known from the ancient times for boosting the nervous system and memory.